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Work and leisure have always been opposite to each other like good and evil and many people straggled to get up in the morning and spend the best part of the day doing this hated job. But things change and so does our attitude to everyday routine including work. We find jobs we enjoy, we look forward to new projects and get motivated by exciting process and great results. One of the best ways to encourage employees for even better work is through a well-arranged business trip.

Business trips can become a wonderful learning experience with teambuilding elements bonding all team members together. MICE tourism focuses on creating a unique corporate travel experience involving different environment, activities and special arrangements.

The advantage of business tourism

Business tourism allows you to find a fresh perspective on business processes, go beyond the usual, get insight, encourage employees, promote their professional and personal development in the format of pleasant entertainment.


Any journey is an opportunity to distract yourself from the routine. Business trips organized in unique and exclusive places allow to reload the brain, go beyond the boundaries, rouse creativity and ability to think “outside the box”. Not to mention the fact that they help to strengthen team spirit and bring relationships between colleagues to a new constructive level.


Our business corporate travel services may include:

  • Guided visits to other companies to see their processes and ways of working
  • Team building exercises of varying nature
  • Training for new team members or for veteran employees to learn new company processes
  • Organizing seminars, conferences and other business-centric learning activities
  • Presenting new work areas within the company Hosting master classes and workshops.

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