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December 31, 2019

Different ways to reward employees – incentives that actually work

With the stress of everyday work, which constantly includes putting out fires, it can be hard to keep employees motivated. To truly make their mark among workers and possible team members, companies need to step up their game and find new and exciting ways to reward employees. What makes workers choose between staying with you or going to a new company can be the benefits you provide. And at RUSMICE, we’re experts on how to reward employees. For over 12 years, we’ve set our mark organizing employee rewards of all nature, specifically tailoring them to each of our clients’ needs and budgets. From small Russian businesses to large international companies in the country, we offer a wide variety of employee incentive ideas for clients to choose from. Incentive tours are our bread and butter, and we specialize in crafting unique out-of-work experiences that motivate workers towards new and exciting times.

Some of the most popular employee incentives ideas we offer include: 

  • Business trips. Whether it’s a corporate holiday or a company-wide retreat, organizing these events can set your company apart when possible employees are considering your company.
  • Conferences and seminars. Reward employees by setting up informative events where they can learn more, improving themselves and their input to the company in the process.
  • Exciting activities. Seeing the world through a different perspective, with activities like outings, relaxing workshops and even adventurous, can do wonders for motivation.
  • Team building exercises. Improve relationships between coworkers with fun games to use their know-how and ingenuity.

Workers are the most essential part of any company, the essential resource that keeps it running smoothly. That’s why keeping them happy in every possible way should be a top priority for any business looking to constantly grow towards being better. Contact us to find out more about our incentive programs!