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October 12, 2020

Explore the biggest country in the world with an e-visa!

Russian government has officially confirmed that a Russian electronic VISA is valid for all Russia territory from January, 1 2021.

Under the new regulations, citizens of 52 countries, including EU member states, India, Turkey, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico – all those countries will be able to obtain 16-day, single-entry tourist visas online. With this E-Visa you can travel all over Russia – any city, any region.

But what do you know about Russia? From Soviet times till nowadays it’s still quite a mysterious destination.

The biggest country in the world with 11 time zones and 195 nations. Country of diversity and paradoxes. From -50℃ in snowy Siberia to +30 ℃ in on the shore of Black Sea.

Start getting to know mother Russia with its two most known cities – Moscow and St. Petersburg. Even though they are really close to each other (4 h by high speed train, 1 h flight), they give absolutely different vibes.

Moscow as the capital of Russia is the concentration of everything – business, parties, luxury, history. Here people earn money and know how to spend it. The best restaurants and the craziest night clubs are here. After all, “party like a Russian” already became a real trademark. It’s a 15 million people metropolis with same crazy energy as London or New York. Going inside a real spaceship in Star City, meeting  former KGB agent, riding on a tank or dance with ballerina in front of Bolshoi Theater – Moscow never stops to surprise you.

Meanwhile, St Petersburg feeds your soul. Here people are not in a rush, they enjoy every moment of life. Drink champagne during canal boat ride on a sunny day, explore all forms of art from Faberge eggs in Faberge Museum to masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci in the Hermitage, admire beauty of Russian Tsars’ summer residences or become Russian aristocrat yourself (dress in a historical costume, get inside imperial carriage, have fabulous Gala Dinner in Marble or Yusupov Palace with classical quartet, cossacks performance and tons of caviar) and dance the night away in the endless street bars. That’s how life should be.

So many places to visit, so many things to do. However, it’s just a beginning. Russia is too big and too diverse. To reveal the secret of Russian soul you need to see unknown parts of the country.

Small towns of Golden Ring are former capitals of ancient Rus. Here you will plunge into Slavic history and life style with its traditional handicrafts – blacksmithing, weaving or brewing. Vladimir (with splendid Dormition Cathedral) – Suzdal (Wooden architecture museum where you will see wooden churches built without a single nail) – Ivanovo (known as “city of brides” in Russia) – Kostroma (13th century monastery) – Yaroslavl (more than 1000 years old town) – Rostov (breathtaking white-stone Kremlin) – Pereslavl-Zalessky (amazing Lake Pleshcheyevo known from Russian fairytales) – Sergiev Posad (Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius).

Sochi is our sunniest region, favorite summer resort and ski place in wintertime, host of Winter Olympics 2014 and annual F1 race. From the most extreme activities like 207 m Bungy Jumping in Sochi Skypark to all type of wellness procedures at local thermal resorts.

Kazan where splendid Kul Sharif mosque stays a few steps from marvelous churches of Kremlin. City of contrast where Muslim traditions live together with Orthodox ones, where more than thousand year history coexists with newest technologies. As a host of Summer Universiade 2013 and FIFA 2018 Kazan keeps welcoming guests for all type of world sports events from hockey and football to chess and cybersport.

Altai, a place of power in Siberia, where pristine nature will clear your soul, spiritual guru “shaman” will brighten your karma and Russian banya will cure all stress. It’s a new getaway destination for people who have been everywhere and who are looking for luxurious healing camp with breathtaking scenery.

Kamchatka is an absolute must visit for adventure lovers. The nature of the region is so unique that in Soviet time scientists tested first moon walkers here. 29 active volcanoes and more than 300 dormant ones (flying on a helicopter over volcanoes is one of the most fascinating activities), the Valley of Geysers, mud pools with boiling liquid clay, crystal clean ice flow rivers and, of course,  Russian bears (little friends up to 200 kg weight).

Baikal is the deepest (in fact, proclaimed by scientists as “bottomless”) lake on the planet with crazy scenery, jaw dropping jeep safari (specially in the winter time when you see meters and meters of crystal clean ice under your feet), extreme diving under the ice, photoshoot in the ice caves, rustic lunch with unique Baikal fish tasting in yurt (traditional houses of Central Asia – portable round tent covered with skins or felt) and meeting the cutest Baikal seals.

For the most passionate travellers we offer Trans-Siberian Express Tours from 12 to 15 days on the longest railway network in the world. You will have a chance to explore all  parts of Russia in one trip MoscowKazanYekaterinburgNovosibirskIrkutsk (the most famous Siberian cities) – Lake BaikalUlan Ude (capital of the Buryat Republic with unique cultural heritage like traditional yurt houses) – Ulaanbaatar (capital of Mongolia with world known Buddhist Monasteries) – Vladivostok (port city, political and cultural centre of Russian Far East, located close to China and Japan).

An this is just a beginning of Mother Russia life time exploration!