Incentives program in Russia

A company should work as a well-oiled machine, with every piece of it functioning correctly. For that to happen, businesses need to put some effort in making sure every piece of the puzzle is well-placed. And no piece is quite as essential as the employees: they’re in charge of putting things in motion, and a key part of every process. That’s why it’s so critical to keep them motivated through incentives - something we’re well aware of as an event management company.

At RUSMICE, we have well over 12 years of experience as an incentives program in Russian. We have an in-depth know-how and understanding of corporate and incentive travel, working alongside many Russian and international companies. We’re well aware of the key importance of keeping team members motivated, and we can vouch for the excellent results of incentive programs.

The incentive is one of the most effective motivational tools

Incentives are among the best motivation tools for team members of all spheres within the company. We have experience showing the most breathtaking places in Russia for team members to enjoy. After some analysis by our experts in team building, we’ll choose a location and the best incentive trip for your situation.

Unique tour program

RUSMICE will prepare a unique tour program for you based on your wishes and goals. We are ready to conduct the whole statement of work on its development and carrying out - from the concept to implementation.

We will offer you a detailed tour plan and take care of all the details.

Make hotel reservations

Purchase tickets

Arrange transfers

Rent all necessary transportation

Provide tour guides

Hold corporate events

Conduct excursions

Arrange business meetings

Provide a translator

Take photos and shoot videos

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