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December 31, 2019

Team building exercises

Any good leader hopes to have a united team working towards the same goal. Achieving the necessary synergy for workers to be truly working as a team can be a tricky task. True team building involves a wide range of measures, including bonding exercises. There should be a combination of entertainment, play and work towards true team building. RUSMICE is the solution for your company, as we can conduct a team-building program using all existent formats – and even new ones.

The hassle of everyday life at the office can sometimes make it difficult to truly connect with coworkers. Mechanical interaction and constantly turning off fires can make it difficult to build involved cooperation. That’s why it becomes essential to take a break together, with coworkers finding themselves in non-standard conditions that require ingenuity, a high degree of coherence and, above all, mutual assistance. That’s precisely where the RUSMICE expertise in team-building can really shine. Teaming exercises can help workers connect emotionally and develop the necessary camaraderie to work together.

These teamwork exercises can:

  • Improve communication skills
  • Identify and develop leadership skills in participants
  • Develop delegation skills
  • Build a constructive atmosphere within the team in order to achieve goals
  • Help team members see the connection between their own work and the success of the team
  • Increase employee loyalty and motivation 

Team bonding exercises can come in various shapes and types: creative, adventure sports, business games or quests. When you meet with RUSMICE, our team building experts can advise you regarding the best format for your specific situation, adapting it to what you wish and need out of the event.

At RUSMICE, we have over 12 years of experience building teams for Russian and foreign companies in the country. Over 500 events a year and a wide portfolio of returning clients are our best advertisement. Build a team with RUSMICE!