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December 31, 2019

Teambuilding activities

There’s a world of difference between having a group of people working next to each other and having a team. Team building is an essential part of any thriving business, as it leads to cohesion, communication and understanding within the group. Team building activities that take workers away from their everyday routine can create the perfect conditions to learn more about their coworkers, and even themselves, in a fun environment. And providing incredible team challenges is one of the things we do best at RUSMICE.

We have been organizing unique team building exercises for well over 12 years, with a broad portfolio of returning clients, including Russian and foreign companies working in the country. We are well experienced in organizing fun, customized activities to help each company achieve their specific team building goals. Some of our most popular Moscow-based team building activities include:

  • A day in the Russian Army. Workers get access to an operative military base, where they’ll go through the same training as Russian soldiers. They’ll be divided into teams to perform a fun set of activities.
  • Moscow city quest. A wonderful activity for all, but particularly foreigners, workers will be divided into teams and perform a series of fun tasks throughout the city. A whole other side of Muscovite life!
  • Fascinating regatta. The group will be divided into teams to sail across the Moscow rivers, where the great world championships occur. Don’t worry, they’ll be aided by professional sailors.
  • KGB spy hunting. A truly unique experience, teams will have to go through various tasks to find the world’s most dangerous spy in the Moscow metro. Secret agents, codes and more await in this incredible showcase of bonding activities. Plus, there’s a ceremony in the end awarding the best team and team members.

Bonding and fun awaits when you hire RUSMICE to lead your team building activities. Contact us to find out more!