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December 31, 2019

Technologies and MICE

These days, technology takes a strong role in every industry out there – and MICE is no stranger to it. In fact, out of all types of tourism, the business-centric one is most involved in delving into technologies. Just a few years back, all it took to be cutting-edge during a conference was having speedy Internet, a few computers and a video beam, but event planning software has taken things to a whole new level.

Apps are now at the center of business events, from quick conference registration to being able to send questions and inquiries to presenters while they’re speaking. And the ability to best connect to a business event through our phones is just the tip of the iceberg, as MICE becomes increasingly connected with varying technologies to keep conference goers interested and craving for more. Some of the most exciting technologies currently making their way in the MICE industry include: 

  • Virtual Reality. VR is slowly becoming the norm in major events, as it allows attendees to immerse themselves in new products or experiences.
  • Internet of Things. This approach to technology aims to have multiple everyday items connected to the Internet and each other, interacting in a way that makes it easy to mix the digital and physical. The MICE possibilities with this are nearly infinite, from making access easier to collecting data on how participants engage in events.
  • Food printing. New and exciting 3D printers can now work on food, making it easier to craft beautiful and delicious dishes from scratch during an event. How does a cake shaped with the company logo sound?
  • Augmented reality. By connecting through a smartphone, we can show a new perspective of conferences or even engage in games within the event. Think of how Pokemon Go has entranced users for years.

As event managers, at RUSMICE we make an effort in keeping up-to-date with the newest, most exciting technologies. We organize 500 MICE events a year, always striving to involve the most exciting new technologies!