January 19, 2021


Russia is famous for its winters! Skiing, ice skating and snowboarding are among the most popular winter activities in Russia this time! Today we share with you a list of the best places in Moscow and St. Petersburg where to practice these activities!


-GUM-Skating rink at Red Square. Since 2006 each winter, everyone has a chance to enjoy ice skating in the heart of the Russian capital. Get an exceptional experience with the view of Kremlin, GUM, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, warm Russian welcome and magical atmosphere of Russian winter fairy tale.

– Navigator 2020-2021 ice rink in Gorky Park. The most unusual place to put the skates. The ice rink will allow you to move to any latitude and longitude and to see, for example, Western and Eastern peaks of Mount Elbrus; diverging strings of steel cables of the Golden bridge in Vladivostok; the Fisht stadium in Sochi; the battlements of the «Swallow’s Nest» facade in Yalta; cutting through the fog rays of the Murmansk lighthouse.

-The largest skating rink in Moscow at the VDNH.  According to the VDNH tradition, the skating rink is located on the Central Alley, between Central Pavilion No. 1 and Pavilion No. 58, Agriculture. Its skating lanes encircle the Friendship of Peoples and Stone Flower fountains. The total area of the rink exceeds 20,000 sq. m.

-Ski centre KANT. The snowy slopes of the sports complex are located not far from the city centre. To the services of extreme lovers – 11 slopes for downhill skiing with lifts and artificial snow system, as well as a snow park, tubing, skating rink, cross-country ski trail. For those who do not feel too confident on the slopes, there is a ski school.

-The Sorochany ski resort is the most modern sports resort in the Moscow region. In an ecologically clean zone of the Klinsko-Dmitrovskaya ridge of the Dmitrovsky district, there is a real Switzerland near Moscow, in which virgin nature and living modernity reign. Natural contrasts of this corner of the Moscow region will captivate you. Here you will find a mountain with a height of 225 m, 10 tracks with a vertical drop of up to 90 m, a width of up to 70 m and a length of up to 1050 m.


-“Ice rink next to the sea” in Sevkabel’ Port is the most romantic open space ring with a panoramic sea overview. Along with the view 2100 square meters of ice, free skating master-classes, beautiful decorations, special meals support unique experience of every visitor.

– Ice rink at New Holland is the most visited one in St. Petersburg. This year, resident DJs of NHI.FM radio have recorded a special musical accompaniment for the Ice Rink, and the 8–9 pm sessions every day will have special musical themes.

– The skating rink at the Okhta Park resort is located in the pine forest and is the brightest one in St. Petersburg. Every evening thousands of colored lights are lit there creating the atmosphere of a fairy-tale forest. Apart from skating, there’re also ski slopes where you can ski and practice snowboarding. Moreover it is a whole resort park with a great choice of accommodation where you can spend unforgettable winter weekends.

– Resort “Igora” is on the TOP-5 list of the best Russian ski resorts. “Best resort for hosting sport teams” award winner in Ski Business Awards 2018, “Best Russian all-season resort” award winner in Ski Business Awards 2018, “The Best conferences organization” winner in Russian Business Travel & MICE Award 2020. Any time of the year, you have a chance to enjoy skiing and spend amazing weekends in “Igora”.

-Tyytari park is located not far from St. Petersburg and offers its visitors a full range of services: alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ice skating, horseback riding, walking in the fresh air. Here you will get unforgettable winter experience.

-In a village next to St. Petersburg Korobitsyno there’re the longest ski slopes and three ski resorts: “Zolotaya dolina”, “Snezhnii” and “Krasnoe Ozero”. Each one is unique and you can always choose the one that suits your preferences. There’re hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops in every resort area to make your experience longer and unforgettable.